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EASY TO INSTALL DIY DURASLAT ORGANIZING KITS AVILIABLE. Made from Heavy Duty PVC to handle the job and last a lifetime. The 4' DuraSlat Kits measure 49"high x 48"wide and installs in under 30 minutes! They keep items off the floor and easy to find and use. Choose the DuraSlat Kit that meets your needs now and you can always add DuraSlat Kits to the system as your storage needs grow.

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Extreme Garage Organization (EGO) is a total garage finishing system. Extreme Wall Systems, LLC has created EGO as the ultimate wall finishing and organization system for today’s homes, workshops, closets, and garages. EGO has been engineered to provide you with a fully integrated and designed system. From DuraSlat organizing wall to Powder Coated Cabinets, Floors and Accessories. EGO can convert your garage into a functional, organized, multi purpose garage in just a few days, using custom powder coated cabinets, DuraSlat garage walls, and garage floors!

Extreme Garage is setting organizational trends today and in the future with our advanced designs that are functional and flexible. Get your Garage Organized - we can help You Conquer and Control Your Garage! We have smart solutions that will help manage your belongings like Sporting Goods, Garden Tools, Chemicals, Recyclables and Seasonal Items. Why spend more time and money looking for an item you need for a project? We will help You create an organized space with our full line of organizing DuraSlat wall, and over 400 accessories, Extreme Powder Tec Coated Cabinets and Modular - Click n Lock - Helmet Tiles, all which can be professionaly installed by our Network of Dealers or by the Do It Yourself type.

Get started today by emailing us or calling for a free consultation and design ideas that will help You manage Your time and increase the value of Your Home and Possessions.

Imagine being able to park your car in the garage again!!

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